Why you think ‘meetings are the worst’

There are so many malevolent things people say about meetings. Here are some of them:

Meetings are where ideas go to die.

Most people spend half their lives attending meetings.

There are folks who hold meetings just to plan more meetings.

Meetings are for those with nothing to do with their lives.

Many executives are dead inside because they’ve been stabbed too many times with PowerPoint.

Meetings are for losers.

Meetings are the worst.

Also, here are a few characters you might know from your meetings:

The guy who likes to hear himself talk.

The over-sabi auntie who likes to go off on a tangent just to show off a new titbit she learnt yesterday on Animal Planet.

The one who disagrees with every idea but has nothing better to offer.

The quiet one.

The invisible one.

The late one.

The whatever-you-say-is-fine one.

The I’m-right-and-you’re-all-stupid one.

The nonchalant one.

The devil’s advocate.

The f*ck-this one.

The passionate attendee who wants the meeting to be more productive than possible.

The are-we-done-yet one.

Meetings are often low-rent performance pieces with untoward characters.

So if you must go to meetings, must you make them long? Must you make it face-to-face? Must people travel from Ikeja to Epe just to recap what you all did last week?

The best meetings don’t feel like meetings.

They are absolutely necessary. They are people generating new ideas or improving on old ones. They are for having everyone involved in a project over for rehearsals. They’re smart. They go straight to the point. They are fun, actually, because they bring joy.

You might have heard of Mark Zuckerberg’s walking meetings. I like that one. You might also have heard of Menlo Innovations’s stand-up meetings. I like that one, too.

Thanks for bringing happiness to meetings this week.

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