WTH! Why is Pitbull here on this post?

When you picture bliss what do you see?

I used to think my own idea of bliss was unique to me. That I was special in my need to live by the beach for the rest of my life.

Then I

met others who were thinking the same thing. It’s ridiculous how similar the thought of what absolute tranquillity means can be common to several people.

We just want to have all the money we need. Not too much money. Just enough that we dont have to worry about anything. No pressure for healthcare. No fear of rent falling due. The kids are okay.

And we just want to have a house somewhere quiet, with cool, refreshing breeze and perfect weather. And take a stroll in the evenings under the moon, and be fit, and be happy.

But it makes sense that we share the same dreams with so many different people. Take, for instance, The Minimalists.

They are two friends who, after working for so many years, discovered that their massive houses and cars didn’t give them bliss.

So they quit everything and became The Minimalists. They started blogging about their new Spartan lifestyle and what did they find? Millions of other people around the world thinking the exact same thing. That fewer belongings make for less burdened hearts.

It doesn’t end there either.

At work, don’t you wonder why there are so many people who hate their jobs? Why in the world will these many people be feeling trapped?

Well that’s a whole different blog post.

Let’s return to bliss.

Maybe it’s humanity. Maybe it’s a primal need. The need to be free. The need to be joyful. You ever wonder why some songs throw you back to a certain period when you were most happy and you want to put that song on perpetual repeat?

It’s love. It’s laughter. It’s that feeling of joy. That’s what everyone is looking for.

But this is what I know: you’re happier when you put some happiness into the world. And when you tamper-proof your joy. When you vow that no one will have the right to meddle with your high spirits.

Let’s begin with an exercise.

Smile. Do it now. Smile. Make the smile reach your eyes. Hold it for 10 seconds.

How’s that?

You good?


P.S: Pitbull is on the cover of this post because he’s got the happiness mindset. It’s Mr Worldwide lol.

And now… to some feel good music, here’s Flo Rida!

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