“Eventually we all become our parents.”

Many of them are hardworking, honest, and poor. They send us to school so we’ll be better than them but we turn around and marry people who are just like our fathers or mothers— people who may be just as strong-willed or insecure or wasteful or pampering or absent or harsh. We think we know what we’re doing but we don’t.

We also continue the cycle of hustling for a living and struggling to escape the 9-5. We may make more money than our parents, have the cash to travel the world, and live in better neighbourhoods, but we eventually bring hardships upon ourselves either by being too extravagant or constantly biting off more than we can chew.

We think we have it all figured out but we don’t. Life is like this because we’ve only been deploying the information we stored in our subconscious throughout our growing up years. When it comes to the manual for life, most of us don’t have anything better. Plus, we don’t even know we have no manual.

How do you end the cycle then? Some will say you need Jesus. Maybe you do need Jesus but one thing I’m sure you need is someone who lives the values that match the ones you dream of living. You need a mentor. Heck, Jesus could be your mentor.

If you don’t know the mentor of your dreams personally, grab a book they wrote.

Currently, I’m reading books by Ryan Holiday. The Obstacle Is the Way, and Ego Is the Enemy. I also check out his site once in a while: Daily Stoic.

As Tawnya Kordenbrock said, if we don’t want to become the things we don’t like about our parents, we must look forward.

Now think about that for a minute. And good luck.

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