The 50 Cent book of sex

Vivica Fox is rating the sex she had with 50 Cent. The problem is, this sex happened 14 years ago.

When I saw the news on Instagram I read it out loud and someone beside me said,
“What?! But she’s old.”

Yes she is, but that’s not the point. The point is, it’s been 14 years!

And that’s exactly 50 Cent’s reaction, too. “That was 14 years ago,” he said. “Smh who does this? What the fuck!”

He was also like, If a guy says something like that, we’ll be like, what the hell is wrong with this dude!

But again, that’s not the point. The point is: It’s. Been. 14. Years!

This dirty drama is good for only one person: Ms Vivica A. Fox. Why, because she’s used it to remind everyone not watching Empire that she’s is still alive. Bad publicity, good publicity… it’s all ka-ching for the business of Vivica Fox.

But it’s also kinda sad.

I put myself in her shoes and think: if I have to go back 14 years just to look for stories to impress other people with, I’m probably not living in the present. I’m not accepting that, right now is what matters and that may be a symptom of deep self judgment. It shows I think I’m failing at life.

So, instead, I should stop wondering about the job that could have been. Or the girlfriend that could have been. Or the trip that could have been. And just live in the right now, right here.

I’m reinvigorated when I live in the right now.

And just as I was thinking about that, I saw this quote from David Alaba, the footballer. I don’t know if it’s original to him but here goes: “Accept what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be. #GodisGod.”

I like that.

We cannot command people to simply switch to happiness. We can only show where deep happiness comes from.

Dianne Lockart in The Good Fight [S02E03], quoting Tennessee Williams says, “What’s the secret to happiness? Insensitivity.”

Well. It sure sounds like another way of saying”you ain’t shit”, which of course is how I deal with every unnecessary waste of my passions.

So, I accept that it’s difficult to keep a Zen flow every single day– there’s always some form of crazy lurking in the shadows whose intent is to make you blow your gasket. The work of maintaining a happy mood is not continual. It’s bloody continuous.

People will always make demands that don’t make any sense, sometimes without even thinking about it. Flippantly. But we take these demands to heart and judge our lives by them.

When you graduate, they say, When are you gonna get a job?

You get a job, When are you getting married?

You get married, When are you having a child?

You have a child, When are you having another child?

As if they’re going to pay for the child’s education or clothing or food. As if they’ll devote 100% of their time and energy to raise the child.

Here’s an answer to some of those people who never mind their business: “Do I see your grandparents and go, Hey when’s the funeral?”

Lol. That last line is funny. I stole it from Michelle Buteau, from her appearance on Two Dope Queens.

Pop Culture, baby! You never know what you might learn.


Unless, of course, you care for some STFU music, in which case I ask that you quickly plug in your headphones and enjoy this one:

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