This is your biggest drug test

Adderall. Ritalin.

These are some of the drugs I thought I might need to get through my day.

I heard of a young dude in Ikorodu. He wanted that slow-burning euphoria that comes with some stimulants. So he took some Gutter Water*. It killed him.

Also, you can get addicted to Adderall and OD and die. It happens.

But I’m learning there’s already a more natural way to DOSE myself. If I do it right, I’ll get the perfect combination of happiness chemicals to burst into the zone of insane creativity.

Everybody needs help with something. That’s why some people drink alcohol every day. And why some escape into food.

If you live in Nigeria, feel free to multiply your problems by x100 and hope for the best.

That’s why the DOSE must be the way to go. The DOSE are Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. We all have them in our brains and when adjusted to match your temperament, you can be high on life for a long time.

So I took the test to know how the DOSE is set up in my brain. The following are my results:

Personal Triggers. These are the happiness triggers I most frequently use. They come naturally.

  1. Anticipation: I always have to be looking forward to something exciting. Now I know why I get bored easily.
  2. Smile: I can smile for Africa. Plus, I watch or read or listen to comedy every day. So.
  3. Service: Helping out people with words and acts. Like I’m doing right here, right now. You’re welcome.

Power Triggers. I need to work on these. If I use them more, it’ll be more fun to be me.

  1. Movement: Get more exercise. Well, I joined a gym already. Hallelujah!
  2. Savouring: Take more time to consciously enjoy the good things in my life. I knew it!
  3. Purpose: Know and live the personal life mission. We’re getting there.

Want to try DOSE? Take your happiness trigger test here.

Now, plug in your earbuds. It’s God’s Plan.

*(Codeine, Refnol, Tramadol, cannabis, and orange juice).

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