Why you shouldn’t join a gym

Hello, Hypocrite here. How’re you doing?

I joined a gym but here I am, saying perhaps you shouldn’t do what I’ve done.

Listen, the reason many people pay for gym memberships, which they very often quickly abandon, is guilt.

They feel guilty they’re getting fat. They feel guilty they’re not committed to their goals. They feel guilty they don’t look good naked.

I get it.

I’ve been there. Heck, I’m actually still there with at least two of the three listed above.

But what I know is that the reason we try working out in the first place is likely to be the reason we give up too soon: GUILT.

We feel guilty that we can’t lose the weight and get in shape fast enough. So, we lose traction and we give up.

But what if you flipped the entire point of view? Rather than thinking, Oh I’m not losing this fat fast enough; what about, Thank God, I’m not pounding on more fat…. See? Perspectives!

There was a guy at the gym the other day. He told me, while flexing his biceps in front of the mirror: “I used to be really thin. Then I got married and then… poof!”

I said, “Stop flexing in front of the mirror.”


“That’s how you get discouraged. Just set your target and work out every day.”


“Keep working out and before you know it, your wife will be like, ‘Looks like someone’s chest is getting more defined’.”

He laughed.

The reason I work out is not even to get defined abs. It’s to unleash my energy every morning. Great for mood improvement. It’s a big secret.

Just 20 push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks, and squats, and I’m good to go. Sometimes I mix in some bicycle crunches and planks. But that’s it. And with so many apps in the Play Store, your bedroom becomes your gym in a second.

I look at my arms these days and I’ve got guns! What? Me? No way!

By the way, even though they’re not as strong as, say, the ones you’d find on Terry Crews, I actually do love my guns.

As for my gut, though, that’s still a work in progress.

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