“Have you seen the mail?” she said.

No, I hadn’t seen the mail. I hadn’t seen the mail because on my to-do list for this morning, I didn’t have any plans of reading any e-mails.

“It’s urgent. Read it.”

I read the mail.

Now I have to do what the mail says. Which is totally crazy because what the mail is asking me to do is way off what my bosses had planned for me to do today, or even this week.

When your time is what you earn a living from, other people own your time. You don’t own your time. Because you’ve sold your time. And now, you’re being distracted.

When I first came into advertising from journalism, my first boss said to me: “Welcome to advertising. You just sold your soul to the devil.” He was joking.

Was he, though?

He said advertising was a dog-eat-dog world. He’s been proven right since. As for the selling of souls to satan, however, I’m still not sure.

Yesterday I listened to M.I’s new album. Yxng Dxnzl. It made me sad. I don’t like to be sad because since I survived depression I vowed to protect my happiness. I’ve realised that the defence of my happiness is a continuing project. But I understood where M.I. was coming from.

Some will listen to this record and thumb their noses at the guy.

They’ll say things like: “What’s M.I.’s problem? How can he be complaining about his fame?”

“Ol boy, let’s trade places, and see whether you like being poor.”

“Look at this one: some people will kill to blow like you. Some will even kill not to be that hot; but just to be a little warm.”

But I understand.


The question you face when you get to the top is: Now what?

Do you fall off voluntarily? Do you wait till someone pulls a Brutus on your Caesar? Do you go quietly or wait till you’re dragged off kicking and screaming?

You can tell M.I. feels lonely, even though he has millions of fans. You can tell he feels disappointed in people. You can tell he’s going through something. I don’t know if we can call it a midlife crisis because, how old is M.I. sef? 39?

They say if you want to make a deep, aka conscious, album, at least make it fun. This latest joint has a couple of fun tracks. But that’s it. The rest: they will go over so many people’s heads.

Yxng Dxnzl is not for the masses. It’s not for the clubs. You know who it’s for? Those who need to be educated that “making it” is not the end of all things. And of course, even among those ones, it’s for the few who like to use their heads.

Things always start nicely until the responsibilities of our decisions begin to show their faces. Getting married is fun until the kids come and they need healthcare and an education. Getting a job is all rosy until its daily demands begin to prick you in the butt.

Then you’re distracted. You don’t have the time to have fun, to be yourself, to be wild and free.

You already sold your time.

But many of us face unexpected obstacles every day. The way we react to the problems, however, is what’s most important.

Don’t worry.

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