Five Things That Will Make Your Work Life A Little More Joyful

If you hate going to work, raise up your hand. Aaah, there you go.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling a little guilty that you raised your hand. You’re not the only human who takes money from a place but hates going to that place to work for that money.

sunday night blues

Actually, in the entire world, 85% of employed people hate their jobs. This is according to a Gallup poll released in 2017. And when people hate their jobs, we all feel blue, as in we all catch a terrible case of the Sunday Night Blues.

The Sunday Night Blues is the awful feeling most of us get on Sunday night when we remember we have to go to work tomorrow. Again, as found out recently, 78% of people all over the world have the Sunday Night Blues. And for 47% of us, the episodes are “really bad”.

monday blues

But what can we do about The Sunday Night Blues and generally hating our jobs? Nothing much in the immediate, sorry.

In the meantime, however, we can deploy social sciences to manage the fright we feel on Monday’s eve. Why? Because the work still must go on.

Maybe someday soon that side hustle will become the main hustle or you’ll wake up to the news that you’ve been rich all along but your parents didn’t tell you because they wanted to test your character.

Until that time, let me share with you five tools I carry with me to put some joy in my office days.


music listening

Sometimes they are to listen to music or a podcast or a book or even watch a video. Other times, they’re to lock out the noise of the world. OR discourage people from talking to me. But headphones, or earphones, are the TRUTH. Never compare them to the sound you get from your laptop—how do you even hear the bass from your laptop?! Now, having tried Beats by Dre, Sony, Sennheiser, and Harman Kardon, I’ve realised that your headphones don’t need to cost an arm and a leg to pump bliss into your head. This is why, right now, I’m going with the Miniso 79 Bluetooth on-ear headset. With rechargeable batteries that run for up to seven hours, I believe they are built to do overtime.

Note & Pen / Samsung Galaxy Note

Notebook and Pen

Making the evil plan to escape the plantation in which you’ve found yourself will require you to write something down once in a while. There’ll be that errant business idea at least, and you’ll need to flesh it out on paper. Also, it’s been said that writing longhand helps us process ideas better. So let’s jot them down before they melt away. Sometimes, my Samsung Galaxy Note easily stands in for that notebook and pen. It’s all about having a place to record the secret agenda.

The Kindle App

kindle app logo

People say they like a printed book because… they just like holding something. Some say they’re addicted to the smell of paper. Okay. Wait till you get bored with the book you’re currently holding and you still want to read a book. Really, how many printed books can you carry with you? Exactly. Which is why the Kindle app has been the saver of lives since 2001. I currently have 300 books+ on mine and many of them come with audio. When reading begins to feel a little heavy on the eye, I just listen to the book!

GTBank App / Zenith Bank App

gtbank app

Have a bill to pay? Pop out the app. Need to send money somewhere? Pop out the app. Sometimes you can even open an extra account on your bank app. If your bank apps work as smoothly as these two, you can cross out trips to the bank during the work day. Unless, of course, your trip to the bank is a way to get away from your crazy boss. Or feel the sun on your back.

Apple Music / Boomplay Music


I used to have Deezer but once the music started skipping like I was playing old CDs, I knew it was time to switch to Apple Music. Apple Music never skips. For more local content, though, it’s Boomplay all day.


stitcher new logo

Sweet new logo too

Every Android* user’s go-to for all things podcast. The following are some of my favourite podcasts:  ‘Serial’, ‘StartUp’, Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History’, ‘Homecoming’, ‘Up and Vanished’, ‘Views’, ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’, and ’I tell My Husband The News’, and ‘Casefile’.

This list in this post may definitely not be your cup of tea but everyone needs something, right?

So, take this as a friendly reminder and, if you know someone who might need some help getting through their workweek, share it with them. You never know.

*iOS users swear by the Apple Podcasts.

**Cover image: Foundation for Economic Education

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