How to not care when people care too much about your business

No one cares about you. That’s what they say. In fact, just yesterday, I read an old article in Forbes by a startup founder thatsaid no one cared and that’s okay. But I think they care. I think they care too much.

In the post, the guy says when he was younger he cared a lot about other people’s opinions and that’s why he failed too many times and very badly too. He wanted to look good to others. Was terrified of failure because of what others might say so he scampered and overextended himself, mostly working on stuff that’d impress the people in his life. And he kept losing.

But when he realised no one gave a damn about him, he changed course and found a path to success.

Good for him. But I think people do care. Sometimes they care too much.

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” – Lao Tzu

If not, why do they keep reminding me of all my failures? Why do they say, Oh you’re doing this one again, what happened to the other project you did last year? This thing you’ve been working on, how come you’re not rich yet? When are you gonna get married? Aren’t you gonna have more children? People care a whole deal?

Why they care so much, though, especially when I’m not that into their own business? I would never know. I know the way some people in our immediate family see us could be important to us because we value them but these other people, do they care only about our failures and constantly remind us of them just so they can sound and feel superior? Or are they genuinely concerned? I dont know. But now that we know they care, and they judge us, does it mean we can’t live as we please?

Yes we can. It’s not knowing they don’t care that gives us the freedom to be who we want. It’s knowing WE don’t care that they care that does.

How will I look to you that I just failed at a 10th business venture? I don’t care.

What you think about my childlike enthusiasm? Nah, I don’t care.

Where you rank me among your ex-classmates? I care not, my friend.

You think my car is too little? Your problem, dude.

You think I’m too old or too young for whatever? I don’t care.

Right now, what matters is that I care about my mental health. I care about helping others. And I care that I can make the world a little better than I met it.

Anything else? I don’t know. Why? Because if I die from caring that they care, nobody will care about that.

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