To Kill Fear, We Have To Make One Simple Decision

Imagine you’re a dwarf and jobless in New York City.

You. Today. Little Person. And without a source of income in one of the costliest cities in the world. What would you do?

Peter Dinklage was once stuck like that. For two years after graduating from school, he was reduced to couch-surfing and taking the oddest jobs to survive. Finally, when he found real employment, it was as a data entry officer in a company called Professional Examination Services. As a trained and gifted actor with a plan to make groundbreaking movies, he hated this place he’d found himself. Hated it like it was crushing his soul. But because it paid the rent and put some cotton on his hide, he grabbed on to this job for six years. Six years.

Then one day he woke up and said to himself: “The next acting job I get, no matter what it pays, I will from now on, for better or worse, be a working actor.” Soon he booked his first role, which led to another role, and another role, and another role. He’s been a working actor ever since.

Mr Dinklage said maybe he stayed at Professional Examination Services for that long because he was afraid. Or maybe he was afraid of change. Who knows, maybe.

But here’s the thing: at one point we all wake up to our truth. Not their truth. Not the best friend’s truth. Not the mentor’s truth. Our truth. Your truth. My truth. Eyes open, heart racing, wind in your sails, the world open for your domination. When that time comes, everything changes.

Peter Dinklage, I believe, must have been disillusioned at one time because to break into the acting circles, a lot is out of your hands. You need to not just be talented; you must also impress so many people- casting agents, directors, studio heads, etc. For a man of his stature, the odds must have been stacked so high he couldn’t see the sun. But, hey, who’s Tyrion Lannister now?

Not that easy, I know. But is it possible? If we don’t try we won’t know.

*cover: Paschal Anyaso.

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