Humans for Happiness is a not-for-profit social enterprise created to help people and organisations pursue happiness for themselves and others. Our tools are communications, gatherings, training, merchandising, and charity work.

We promote the ethos of ELKAFT, which is an acronym for Eyan Le Ku Any Freaking Time (that is, a person can die at any fucking moment and so should take some time sometimes to enjoy life with abandon). It’s kind of like YOLO (You Only Live Once) but is way deeper. This much vaunted Yoruba aphorism is from the street and, as you know, the street is most wise.

We’ve learnt that the cause of stress and distress in most people is the need to live up to the expectations of others. Some of these high bars many have set for themselves because they do not recognise their unique strengths and instead elect to race against others, people are probably headed in totally different directions.

So, every day, as the sun rises, We at H4H ask ourselves: how do we help people attain happiness in themselves today? How do we bring happiness to the world right now?

We create and share inspirational content that brings joy to people. We also help others who want to spread the feeling of happiness make that happen. And, through our gatherings, we’re building a community that cherishes the happy emotion.

We live for that great feeling!

We run on sunshine, baby.


  1. Our content will try to reach people as individuals who want to be happy every day by being comfortable in their own skin and natural abilities.
  2. Our gatherings will be intimate so that guests will be reached at a deeply personal level. We want people to actually use what they learn at the events.
  3. Everything we do is personal.
  4. We will not try to prescribe because that’s what everyone does these days. There’s a deluge of advice everywhere. We will have conversations and personal experience sharing so that people who truly seek happiness can find it by tweaking some of the effective solutions to work in their own lives.
  5. When we work with companies/brands, the message will always be outward-facing. Our collaboration with them will be to help spread more sunshine in the world.
  6. We don’t teach anyone what to do. We walk with people of like minds (listening, sharing, celebrating, having fun, collaborating) to discover happiness by being introspective and individually asking ourselves: What do I really want?
  7. We will always run on Sunshine.