Why You Think The Songs From Your Childhood Are The Most Beautiful

Talk about a powerful idea. My friend, Sam Umukoro, has a show on the radio. Naija Info FM, Saturday Mornings. All he talks about are memories. Specifically the kind of memories that music gives us– you know, how a song can come on the radio and it instantly triggers fond memories and Continue reading Why You Think The Songs From Your Childhood Are The Most Beautiful


The Spirit Seized Me

On my way out of the meeting, I started to think I needed to pray.

It didn’t look like the meeting had gone as I’d planned. I probably wouldn’t be getting what what I went for so the only thing I could think of was to pray.

But what was I going to pray about?

Involuntarily, I sighed.

I got into the car and started the engine. Pulled out onto the road.


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A new religion taking off In Nigeria

In 2015, when Muhammadu Buhari was running for office, after trying and failing for 16 years, people said, “Buhari would be our president. He’d kill corruption.”

This is three years later. He’s running for another term. Corruption is still alive and well. Corruption is alive and kicking. It’s kicking us in the balls. We. Are. Broke.

Now, people are saying, Continue reading A new religion taking off In Nigeria

The biggest question of all

Do I have a job? How much does that job pay? If it’s not paying enough, will I look for another job? How much will I want that new job to pay? What do I need money for?

A house?

A car?

A family?

How many Continue reading The biggest question of all