A new religion taking off In Nigeria

In 2015, when Muhammadu Buhari was running for office, after trying and failing for 16 years, people said, “Buhari would be our president. He’d kill corruption.”

This is three years later. He’s running for another term. Corruption is still alive and well. Corruption is alive and kicking. It’s kicking us in the balls. We. Are. Broke.

Now, people are saying, Continue reading A new religion taking off In Nigeria

The biggest question of all

Do I have a job? How much does that job pay? If it’s not paying enough, will I look for another job? How much will I want that new job to pay? What do I need money for?

A house?

A car?

A family?

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The man who became a superstar by mistake

You may already know this story but, hey, allow me to repeat it, even if it’s just to illustrate the incredible role of serendipity in success and failure.

We begin in 1984 when Leonard Cohen, the venerated Canadian musician, released a song titled Hallelujah. You see, Mr Cohen had been toiling on that one song for so many years and, although it wasn’t a bad piece of work, it arrived like a wink in the dark.

And to make matters worse for the singer-songwriter, some of the biggest records of that decade would also come out that year.  Continue reading The man who became a superstar by mistake