Why I started Humans For Happiness

In 2017, I came thisclose to killing myself.  Twice.

While searching for “painless ways” to commit suicide, I happened on a site which is the number one result on Google when you search “how to painlessly commit suicide.” The site has thousands of members all trying to save each others’ lives. Wow, I thought.

Why do so many people want to kill themselves? Why do so many people want to die so badly?

Well, here are some reasons: Anxiety. Depression. Prolonged sadness. Disappointment. So many more reasons.

But I have also come to realise that our situation becomes dire because most people around us don’t understand depression or what makes suicidal people suicidal. I’ve heard things like: “Snap out of it!” “You have everything, what’s your problem!” “You’re a coward!” “Kill yourself if you want to kill yourself, fool!”

Anyway. Those who take their own lives feel they are trapped and death would be the only way to finally end the suffering.

But life should not be this hard.

What would happen if we handled things a little more deliberately? If we moved at our own pace? If we actually believed that no one is competing with us, or can compete with us? If we dreamt big and handled failure better? If we smiled every day. Had fun like no one was judging us or could even judge us? Own our own journeys and enjoyed every drop of water, every ray of the sun, every bite of food?

What would happen if, above everything else and without harming others, what we chose to chase is our own happiness?

This is why I started The Happiness Company.

To join up with others like me who want to handle things a little more consciously. Move at our own pace. Believe that no one is competing with us, or can compete with us. Dream big and handle failure better. Smile every day. Have fun like no one is judging us or can even judge us. Own our own journeys and enjoy every drop of water, every ray of the sun, and every bite of our favourite food.

Together, let’s take back our happiness and make the world more exciting to live in.

Let’s run on sunshine.

A little about me
I’m Sam Adeoye. Living and working in Lagos, I’ve been a journalist, advertising copywriter, and multimedia producer. These days, I work in an ad agency as a creative director. For the foreseeable future, my main objective is to help more young Africans find their life’s purpose early and live fulfilling and happy lives.